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Frequently Asked Questions

We are open between the working hours of 9am to 5pm, Mondays to Saturdays. Calls and meetings  can be scheduled outside of business hours accordingly.

We usually have many seasonal promotions available throughout the year. You can get updates on our current promotions via the link provided.

For our website packages, a 50 percent (50%) down-payment is needed at the start of the process. The remainder of the payment would be collected upon website completion.

Goldan Web Solutions has numerous online business solutions services. We offer very affordable website packages. These packages are inclusive of;


  • Fully Functional & Customizable Websites
  • Unlimited Products
  • Easy to Edit/Manage Backend
  • 1 Year free Web Hosting

We can also provide training so you can maintain on your own or you can choose to have us maintain the site for you.The only yearly fee applies to web hosting which is $300. Apart from web design, the Goldan Web Solutions team is very proficient in app development and graphics/ branding design.

Our office is located at 81A Bel-Air, Circular Dr, San Fernando. Consultations can be administered in person or through phone or email. 

You  would be given a form to fill out that has many questions relating to your design preferences and details about your business’s products and services. Clients can also send us their logo designs and any pictures/ attachments they would like seen on the website.The form is accessible via this link ……..

To become an affiliate, please send us an email requesting your interest in being a part of our affiliate marketing programme. Once we verify the legitimacy of your business, we can begin our partnership. 

Here is a step by step breakdown of our Affiliate Marketing process:


Step 1: Sign up to become a member of Goldan Web Solutions Affiliate Programme. Fill out the form provided via your invitation letter to join our team. A unique affiliate link/ code will be given to you upon successfully becoming an affiliate. 


Step 2: Promote our  business packages to prospects through marketing material provided to you,  by our company (example posters and/or GWS Ad illustrations on your website).Provide  potential clients with your unique referral code. 


Step 3: Goldan Web Solutions delivers requested package/s to customer , within 14 days of initial down payment.


Step 4:  Your Commision balance is updated once your referred client makes final payment and their website has been successfully completed.

Step 5 : Payout provided to you ,within a 30- day window of website completion.

The websites we offer can be delivered within 2 weeks, they would include all the features you’ll need to deliver your products to your customers.

Here is a step by step breakdown of our process:

  • 1. After a commitment has been made, fill out the form provided on the website regarding information on your business and design preferences.
  • 2.A draft of the website will be sent to you for your review.
  • 3. Once feedback has been provided to us, we will make the necessary changes and deliver the website.
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